Hire the right people.

         We vet executive hires for US multinationals.

Knowledge Advocate offers a unique and superior tool for talent assessment.

- Walter Levy, NCH Corporation

Refine structure and process.

We make it easy for corporate direction and insights to emerge.

We decided it was time to face our most challenging questions head on: how do we scale our business, keep the culture intact, and move on our vision? Knowledge Advocate conducted a wave of interviews over several months to explore each person's unique contribution and perspective at ENTERMEDIA.  The process provided clarity and unexpected benefits:  renewed focus on our team's skills and talents, group awareness of unrealized opportunities, and a clear roadmap for improved structure, process and communication. By asking us about our business rather than telling us about someone else's best practice, Knowledge Advocate empowered our organization to breakout and consistently perform at a higher level than we had previously attained.

   - Ethan Worrel, co-founder, ENTERMEDIA LLC

Team up with consultants.
We leverage consultant advice.

Kevin Leahy brings laser-sharp questioning skills that complement my diagnostic tools. By partnering with Leahy, I’m able to bring more depth of understanding to the client’s challenges and opportunities. This means that our solutions are more easily accepted and implemented. It’s this depth and breadth from our partnership that helps me continue to exceed clients' expectations.

 - Linda Ford, Ph. D., Ford Business Consulting

Manage performance.
We help businesses expand.  

Knowledge Advocate helped pinpoint company challenges we face as we scale our business. The interview highlighted strengths, revealed weakness and brought to light information not previously considered. In short order, we reconciled priorities and procedures, outlined a future growth path and clarified how to get there.

- Branson Fustes, President, Pilgrim Building Company
Find the right information, fast.
         Our surveys bring focus on the coming talent crisis.

Knowledge Advocate was our partner on a recent hiring needs survey that we conducted for the petrochemical industry. The challenging subject matter and confidential nature of the project required an expert consulting team that could deliver precise results. Their incomparable expertise in crafting questions and capturing information greatly contributed to the success of the project. I know no better in the field of knowledge mining than Knowledge Advocate.

- Amy Holloway, President, Avalanche Consulting, Inc.
Share complex information in simple ways.

         We prepare experts to speak.

The process uniquely captures critical business intelligence with indepth precision and insight.

- Bill Sells, retired senior vice president and president of the Fiber Glass Group, Johns Manville Corporation

Succession planning.

         We interview key non-profit sector executives.

Incredibly productive.  I am thrilled with the process.

- Melanie McLeroy, Board Chair, EmanciPet

       Put what you know to work.

How we work:
case studies.
Corporate direction

executive of Fortune 100 product manufacturer
Need: organize thoughts and prioritize work effort
Opportunity: bundle services as product in the IT security space
Proof: selling solutions end runs the commodity nature of product markets
Challenge: new division, new employee, unknown resources
Solution: deep dive into knowns, qualify unknowns, capture best options
Corporate succession

Client: multinational, VP of Asian operations announces departure plans
Need: capture what executive knows before he goes
Opportunity: capture his can-do, "promises made, promises kept" legacy
Proof: breakthrough style brought historic gains in Asian markets
Challenge: so much to say, so little time
Solution: verbatim interview transcript, succession plan report, presentation

Structure, process and communication

Client: web development company with great customer focus
Need: connect thoughts, increase efficiency and improve performance
Opportunity: help scale the business and keep success coming
Proof: hiring new employees in down economy, too much work
Challenge: better structure, process and communication needed
Solution: process cycle of interviews and reviews make things happen
Asset sale

Client: start up with a significant burn rate
Need: assess business model and clarify future direction
Opportunity: on-line concept with huge market potential
Proof: Mattel, Disney, and other significant partners are interested
Challenge: technical concerns, people issues and market timing off
Solution: develop clearly defined and supported exit strategy
Teaching seminars

Client: vendor in seminconductor industry
Need: improve sales questioning
Opportunity: capture larger market share of client purchasing budget
Proof: relationship efforts form core of company's sales identify
Challenge: many sales styles, no current program to share what works
Solution: review questioning styles, create unified questioning approach

Client: investment firm with great institutional relationships
Need: get company performance from second to fifth gear
Opportunity: maximize performance of firm to power future funds
Proof: investors' financial confidence in novel broker-to-market solution
Challenge: accountability and engagement of investment professionals
Solution: tool-based consults clarify roles, responsibilities and success path

"The Plan"

Client: individual, Chief Information Technology officer for CRM vendor
Need: understand individual style to act on know-how and intuition
Opportunity: new career that connects life interests with business passion
Proof: individual consistently exceeds customer expectations and experience
Challenge: diverse interests, low risk tolerance, lack of confidence
Solution: interviews build "The Plan" and map a path from here to there

   Put what you know to work. Right now.