Knowledge Advocate interviewers
             are amazing questioners.

It's the 10,000 hours of practice.

Former lawyers, journalists, and questioning specialists honed how to ask the right questions at the right times for great results.
Our advocates work like knowledge wildcatters,
they use gut instinct to find knowledge "paydirt."

We wonder. Ask questions from a sense of wonder. Open body, open mind. Ask to learn.

We seek. Learn with quiet mind and body to seek sense. Listen, hear, and feel the answers. Learn to tell (ourselves).

We ponder. Tell ourselves what was said. Silence internal thoughts. Connect what we heard with what we know. Tell to know.

We make. Honor what was said and begin to make sense of it. Start to understand and know to ask again. Work to create common sense. 

  Our work closes the knowing/doing gap.

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      Introducing the Well TalkTM model:

Well TalkTM is a communication tool. Use it to improve your talk skills. It helps find common sense and share mutual understanding. It also helps tap into our “wells” of knowledge where we store our deep thoughts and feelings. Practice the model and improve your relationships. Well Talk helps us “seek sense” first, so we know how others experience their worlds. What do they hear, see, feel, touch, sense? Then we can explore our own senses and find the untapped layers of what we really know. The model helps us find common sense as we learn new things and also, share what we already know.

Here's the model in graphic form: