We honor legacies.

     We honor what departing employees
     know and work with you to safeguard
     that knowledge before they go.

We help stabalize operations in change and make sure your successors "get it," fast.

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        Anatomy of a Succession Plan


Who is Karen and what does she get paid to do?

Karen is your hypothetical worker. Who does she speak with? For what reasons? How does her knowledge and relationships drive company profits? What type of personality traits, behaviors, and talents made her shine? Our question-focused consults connect the dots and pattern a powerful succession plan. We ease the transition by really knowing what Karen brought to the table, at the deepest levels.


How deep a gap does Karen leave behind?

Knowledge Advocate exit interviews offer best of market services. Learn things you never previously knew about Karen and her value to the organization. We offer the highest quality analysis of outgoing personnel. Expert questions inform strategy decisions and deepen our analysis of the risks and rewards inherent in replacements and retooling efforts.


What compentencies are non-negotiable?

Most interviews leave both parties with more questions than answers. Knowledge Advocate Successor/Pre-Hire Interviews enhance your picture of the replacement's skillsets, make crystal clear that person's current intentions, and establish long-term goals. Because we asked her using special training and techniques, we know what skills you need to fill Karen's shoes.

How quickly can we get Karen's replacement on board?

The best way to learn is to teach. Our Q&A sessions ask the successor questions, a lot of questions. The answers teach both the successor and us that he or she "gets it." By inventing the answers and connecting what matters to meet the new role and responsibilities, we know the successor understands what the job is all about. And the audio tapes, transcripts, and summary memorandum we prepare proves it.

The process makes success happen. The transition worker builds on Knowledge Advocate's Benchmarking Succession Plan. With it, key data points, relationships, and deadlines become action-oriented tasks. Milestones mark development stages and we carefully establish the ramp up time necessary to drive a rapid succession transition.

  Welcoming your next Karen just got a whole lot easier.